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romney i'm glad that you agree that we had success in going after al kited but i have to tell you that your strategy previously has been one that has been all over the map. >> my strategy has been pretty straightforward which is to go after the bad guys to interrupt and kill them but the key that we will have to pursue is a pathway to get the muslim world to reject extremism on its own. just a few weeks ago you indicated we should still have troops in iraq. and coming up a complete political analysis from paul lisneck. more than 15,000 cast their ballots. he has been politically mia for months. he did pull his name off of the ballot for the next election. just moments ago at o'hare airport, we are speaking with both of them. let me tell you he was looking good, he had liked moments then he had very serious moments. >> the congressmen just back from washington a 19 minuteat a 90 minute meeting. this accusation is a ludicrous. it was not only disrespectful, he had no basis in the truth. voters have not heard from jackson since back in june until a robotic call to constituents ove
campaigned today. mr. romney spent yesterday traveling to colorado. governor romney will be an ohio both today and tomorrow. both are looking for the undecided. the president needs to rally. his enthusiasm is nowhere near that of four years ago. >> i hope everyone else is ready to fly the him. >> this is too important. the momentum is high. the momentum is up. i'm excited. the president will travel to a campaign even this evening in cleveland before returning very late tonight to the white house. >>mitt romney campaigns in cincinnatti, ohio today. this crucial battleground state. offering 18 electoral votes. romney addressed a crowd at a business that supplies armor parts, and assemblies for military platforms. a time magazine poll shows the race is very close in the state. it shows president obama with 49 percent support and romney with 44 percent. the poll has a three point sampling error. >>president obama may have been upstaged at a campaign stop in florida. this pictures shows him posing with a group of school children on tuesday. but take a closer look behind the president. in
will be here later today. governor romney working furiously to steal wisconsin. it has been since 1984 that a republican presidential candidate managed to capture the badger state. both republican and democratic strategist bombarding wisconsin with television ads. >> he went to the middle east and flew to egypt in you skip israel. our closest friend. >> florida is too close to call. the difference between what was and what could have been. >> the obama campaign is on a mission to win again in wisconsin. he captured the state back in 2008. clearly a lot of enthusiasm here. a strong incentive to vote for both parties. the race here in wisconsin going down to the water. wire. >> i cannot wait until it is over. you do not know who to believe. >> that is every day. a minimum of four calls. it is hard to like anything. i like to see something done for the american people. if >> governor romney schedule tomb of attend a rally in milwaukee. >>president obama will try to persuade voters through t-v interviews today. the president will do ten interviews, which will air in seven battleground
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president obama or mitt romney has more leverage on the topic. i think the president has a very strong record in foreign policy. he went after bin laden. he decimated al qaeda. he has restored our alliances. first of all, governor romney lived overseas for several years as a missionary, worked in international business for many many years, was governor of massachusetts, dealt with the entire world in helping rebuild the winter olympics and literally had virtually every country in the world that he was dweelg in that session, and he is a man who understands the larger world. katherine fenton -- an undecided voter from last week's town hall debate -- asked a question about women and equality in the workplace. now, she's speaking out about the final debate. i'm definitely looking forward to the next debate, i would like to hear what they have to say, especially what they have to say about the position of america in the middle east changing - i'm very interested in iran's nuclear capabilities, i think a lot of the focus for voters is on domestic policy, but we've had debates about th
to the white house tonight. mitt romney's campaign reporting today they collected $112 million during the first half of the month he is ready for the big push to election day. this campaign is about big things because we happen to believe thahahaha recognize this a yeawiththththth big choice in the americans want to see big changes and i will bring it to this country. >> the romney campaign says 92 percent of donations for contributions of $250 or less, he made three campaign stops throughout that battleground states. and an incumbent tea party congressman put against his democratic challenger, tami duckworth vs. joe walsh. what stands out right away for you? first let's look at the numbers this is a race being watched all over the country what we found is that it's duckworth, 50 percent, walsh 40 percent. nine percent are undecided which seems like a fairly large figure so close to election day but when you go deeper into the numbers it's very simple why she has this lead, it's the women's vote among men is 46-45 walsh but when you look at the women's vote it is 54, 34 duckworth 20 percentag
for kids which is better and is it worth the extra cost? ar governor romney accused the president of taking a week stand against iran's nuclear program. >> >> after he killed him i was at ground zero for a memorial to talk to a young woman who is 4 years old was 5 years old when the attack happened. the last conversation she had with her father was when he called from the towers. for the next decade she was haunted by the cover station. that conversation. >> one of the challenges we have had is that they have looked at this administration and filth that were not as strong as a needed to be. >>made time to stop in egypt. the president insisted israel is the united states greatest ally. >> you did not say that you provide help. >> to allow these companies to go through bankruptcy. under no circumstances would i do anything other than help this industry get on its feet. >> president touted his efforts at. >> it was more of a drop. he certainly made it clear right out of friendupfront. >> he is not the commander in chief. he has to be careful about attacking the president's dec
the obama buy and ticket will pull out the win in a state where polls show that the president and romney in a very tight race. i can't even understand how he offshore is his money let alone jobs. mitt romney is on the move when voters in swing states in the close presidential race tonight in the key battleground state of ohio for the second time in 90 days the government announced the economy grew by 2 percent in the third quarter exceeding expectations. after the stimulus was passed to the white house promised that the economy would be growing at 4.3% over twice as fast. today he dismissed romney's economic failed economic policies of the past. the chicago tribune endorsed the president for the second time, the paper says that he is credited for effectively prosecuted the war on terror. i think the youth has a lot of power and we have the power to make a difference. they are really open to both sides. the kids will enjoy the opportunity banks to school teachers who picked them to participate in the program. the top democrat in the u.s. senate has been released from the hospital after b
that are expected to go his way. romney has 206. but there are 131 votes up for grabs in toss-up states. 270 electoral votes are need to win the presidency. with only 15-days before the election. the candidates face- off tonight in the final presidential debate. c-n-n's athena jones reports that foreign policy will be the focus. third and final face-off. and will focus entirely on foreign policy. >> i will spar over america's role in the world. in the face and terrorism and how to deal with a rise in china. mr. obama tried to highlight one of his biggest accomplishments. >>the topic is foreign policy. spoiler alert. we got bin laden. >> world affairs are a challenge for every canada. after my trip in 2008 i was attacked as a celebrity because i was so popular with our allies overseas. i'm impressed at how well governor romney has avoided the problem. >> look at what is happening in syria and egypt. the president said he was going to put a light between us and israel. >> both in its face a challenge. >> he has had some success. he has had some things that are still pretty murky. >> the
showing this time around, things could be different... with republican challenger mitt romney gaining ground with independents. "he's been running around saying he's got a five-point plan for the economy. turns out it's a one-point plan. folks at the very top get to play by a very different set of rules than you do." it was kissimmee, florida for mitt romney. the g-o-p presidential hopeful..telling supporters the president failed to fulfill his campaign promises. "he promised that his would be a post partisan presidency. but, we've him over these last four years that he's been divisive and and demonized almost every group that opposed him." the v-p candidates making the rounds, too. joe biden in virginia..targeting the republican ticket. "i've never seen two candidates for the highest office of the land who are more negative about the state of our country." paul ryan in ohio...where recent polls give the president a slight advantage. hope and change has become anger, frustration, divide and conquer. and, both sides keeping a nervous eye on sandy. romney and biden canceled weekend sto
. >> with president obama and mitt romney staying indoors preparing both will, and gov. romney had different opinions. oh, a clear vision about the middle-class and the role they will play in building the economy. romney tax cuts for the wealthiest cutting regulations and hoping everything gets better. that failed in the first decade but listen to the worst financial economic collapse that come tree experiences the great depression. for their final debate come their running mates onto the campaign trail... to speak before to voters and fire- up the rank and file. reporter cristina mutchler has more. >> several hundred pro-life the elections are just from a corner and it can deter wasting no time. they prepare to go head-to-head vice presidential candidates take to the trail. we're not going to duck these tough issues we're going to run at our country's economic problems before they get out of control. that is will leaders do. the american people are looking to depend on a president who says what he means and means what he says. president all bombing talk about budget proposal to help economic recov
comments do not reflect gov romney's views. tonight he is in cedar rapids iowa also apply to nev. florida virginia and ohio this week trying to round up votes in these two states in stay with a message on the economy. i'm not as optimistic about winning i'm more optimistic about the future for america things are about to get better and i am convinced of that. he is also trying to put to rest another distraction he apologized for saying he wanted to take a swing at him during the presidential debates what he called his father mr. romney a liar. tomorrow he returns home to chicago to vote early in an off-camera interview today he revealed a second term plan he says he is confident he can pass immigration reform tonight he is in denver on a marathon 48 our cross-country bush saying that he is changing his position to please different crowds. he is counting on you to forget what he stands for he's hoping that you to will come down with the case of what we like to call romnesia. but i'm donald trump delivered is a bombshell he has been promising about president obama. >> if barack obama opens
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12